OACSIMThe Facility Energy Directorate within the Office of the Deputy Under Secretary of Defense, Installations and Environment, is responsible for ensuring that the Department of Defense maintains a secure, safe, reliable, and efficient utility infrastructure. Utility systems have historically been underfunded in the Department of Defense and many proponents increasingly see public-private partnerships as a necessary addition to their portfolio capital strategy.

Utilities privatization is a method by which military installations can obtain safe, technologically current, and environmentally sound utility systems, at a relatively lower cost than they would under continued government ownership. In the privatization process, military installations shift from the role of owner-operators to that of smart utility service customers. TRG Consultants plans, facilitates, and coordinates various industry forums at large venues such as GovEnergy to help strengthen partnerships between DoD and industry providers.

Marks-Center-Station-1In order to meet the economic requirements of public law 10 USC 2688, TRG principals designed and developed the Utility Privatization Economic Analysis Support Tool (UPEAST). The model is designed to assist the Defense Components in executing the cost/benefit analysis required by law to analyze utility systems for privatization. TRG provides policy, procedure, and analytical support to the Facility Energy & Privatization Directorate for approximately 1,500 utility privatization actions, comprising billions of dollars in plant replacement value across the Department of Defense.

Agency: Department of Defense

Location: Washington, DC

Core Capabilities:

  • PM / Agile
  • Cost & Acquisition
  • Analytics


  • Energy Security Services
  • Strategic Services
  • Program & Project Management
  • Financial & Cost Management
  • Performance Management