US Air Force – ISR

AF-CRHThe Intelligence Surveillance Reconnaissance & Special Operations Forces (ISR & SOF) Rotary Wing Branch is located at the Air Force Life Cycle Management Center, Wright Patterson AFB, OH. The Air Force Life Cycle Management Center is responsible for all Air Force aircraft acquisition and falls under the Air Force Materiel Command. Within the Rotary Branch, there are multiple rotary wing programs; mainly the Combat Support Helicopter (CSH) and Combat Rescue Helicopter (CRH). The CSH primary mission is to protect DoD nuclear assets. The CRH primary mission is to provide personnel recovery for combat search and rescue operations.

TO-16-2TRG has provided systems engineering and program management for the Rotary Wing Branch focusing on training systems. Our staff authored the Training System Specification for the CRH and Training System Requirements Document for the CSH; maintaining traceability back to the respective capability development documents for both. Our staff also supported several program documents leading to RFP release. TRG has maintained cost, schedule and scope while acting as a liaison with the respective MAJCOMs and lead training command.

Agency: Air Force

Location: Dayton, OH

Core Capabilities:

  • PM / Agile
  • Cost & Acquisition


  • Engineering & Technology
  • Program & Project Management