The Business Operations Support (BOS) Division supports the four business lines of GSA’s Office of General Supplies and Services (GSS) through delivering critical operations support including but not limited to, program and project management, administrative support, and business decision analysis. A key objective for the BOS Division is to review the technology platforms supporting GSS business lines capabilities in order to identify and fill gaps within the portfolio to support new business capabilities, provide agile solutions, and bring the GSA Federal Acquisition Service (FAS) into compliance with standards such as the Defense Logistics Management Standards (DLMS).

Supporting the BOS Division, TRG’s professionals provide liaison support across GSS’ four business lines (Retail Operations, Supply Chain Management, Acquisitions Management, and Personal Property Management). In line with TRG’s core capabilities, TRG analysts provides data analytics services through the development of internal reports and dashboards via data visualization with Tableau.

TRG analysts supports the BOS Division in maintaining operations of various critical systems such as Order Management System, GSA Enhanced Checkout System(GECO)system, and leads modernization efforts for new GSS technology platforms and systems when there is a need for legacy systems to be identified and retired. In addition, TRG provides other ad hoc requests such as disaster support, process mapping, and trusted advisory services.

Agency: General Services Administration

Location: Washington, DC
Reston, VA

Core Capabilities:

  • Data Analytics
  • Program & Project Management


  • Reporting and Dashboarding via Data visualization
  • Assisting and facilitating Systems Modernization
  • Providing Trusted Advisory Services