US Navy – CNIC

CNICCommander, Navy Installations Command (CNIC) is the Echelon II command under the Chief of Naval Operations responsible for Navy-wide shore installation management. CNIC’s mission is to enable the Navy’s Operating Concept through enterprise alignment of all shore installation support to the fleet, fighter and family. The Director for Strategy and Future Requirements serves as the principal advisor on shore for management long range planning and strategy, including POM support for BOS and joint/future basing requirements. N55 leads CNIC’s Future Requirements Determination (FReD) process in support of the organization’s strategy and future requirements function.

TRG, located at the Washington Navy Yard, provided Planning, Programming, Budgeting and Execution (PPBE) support services to CNIC’s Business and Strategy Directorate (N5). Our consultants documented the current state enterprise process for CNIC’s PPBE activities. The consultants identified and documented the roles and responsibilities (i.e., Responsible, Accountable, Consulted, Informed (RACI)) of major organizational stakeholders (internal and external) throughout the PPBE process to enable better program management and streamlined processes for current and future POM efforts. Additionally, TRG’s workflow artifacts are used by N5 to communicate business process interfaces and interconnectivity points to CNIC’s iShore integration efforts (e.g. IT and Business Line integration).

pentagon 2Documents authored by TRG received favorable review up to and including the 3 Star level (VADM Michael Vitale). TRG consultants facilitated focus groups with various headquarters organizations (i.e., N1 Manpower, N5 Strategy, N8 Comptroller, N9 Family Housing, etc.) to document workflows, policies, procedures, roles and responsibilities and areas for further integration/improvement. TRG consultants drafted an enterprise level CNIC Instruction deliverable which was to be used by CNIC to govern its PPBE activities for base operating support. In 2012 there was no unified CNIC document defining policy, roles and responsibilities for the PPBE process. TRG performed due diligence to identify the mandatory Secretary of Defense, Navy, and CNIC policies and procedures that must be followed versus ad-hoc/idiosyncratic office procedures.

TRG consultants also served as subject matter experts (SME) supporting the N5 strategy and future requirements IPT team which documented both financial and non-financial business processes. In 2012, the IPT was finishing the AS-IS phase and focusing on initial TO-BE concepts to meet the 15% improvement mandate. TRG also provided limited training on the PPBE workflow artifacts to members of various N-Codes/organizational domains, and CNIC Region representatives.

Agency: Department of Defense, Navy

Location: Washington Navy Yard, Washington DC

Core Capability:

  • Cost & Acquisition


  • Financial & Cost Management
  • Performance Management
  • Real Property Services