History is littered with the damage insider threat causes; the risk has always existed. We spend a great amount of time, energy, and funds protecting ourselves from outside threats. However, the potential for insider threat is often overlooked when setting up an infrastructure. We forget about individuals with legitimate access to our organizations who put our data, our systems, our organizations, and even our businesses’ viability at risk through their behavior. Such behavior might not be malicious, but it can have unwelcome consequences. With increased awareness, organizations can prepare for and prevent insider threat.

When evaluating insider threat and ways to mitigate the risk, entities must consider foreign travel, foreign contacts; counterintelligence awareness; vulnerability awareness; and formulating a Corporate Insider Threat Hub. TRG offers a broad spectrum of Insider Threat expertise and solutions. TRG Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) in Insider Threat bring a background from various agencies.

Foreign Travel and Contacts

Our SMEs provide analytical support in evaluating employee foreign travel and foreign contacts. TRG provides briefings before and after foreign travel to have full situational awareness and can better evaluate the risk of insider threat. Do you have proprietary and sensitive information that will be at risk from employee foreign travel?  Provide your employees with clean IT equipment prior to departure to a foreign country.

Counterintelligence Awareness Training

TRG offers Counterintelligence Awareness Training to the corporate/federal sector. TRG’s Law Enforcement/Intelligence team has decades of government experience in evaluating hostile intelligence threats against the United States.  As part, TRG can provide guidance on making criminal referrals to law enforcement.  TRG will work with your Security officials in presenting relevant facts to the appropriate law enforcement agency in the event of a criminal act or suspicion of criminal activity.

Risk, Threat, and Vulnerability Assessments

Our assessments are all encompassing and include IT infrastructure, physical security and personnel security. TRG teams with industry partners to ensure your IT infrastructure operates in a secure environment free from Insider Threat intrusions such as firewall intrusions emanating from outside your network.  TRG will also team and consult with your office building security to ensure company employees and assets are safe during working and non-working hours.

Corporate Insider Threat Hub Formulation

TRG offers expertise in formulating a Corporate Insider Threat Hub to help all facets of your corporation understand the importance of a team concept in working to thwart workplace violence, theft of proprietary information, and financial data compromise.  Our Threat Hub concept ensures that Company Executives/Officers, Human Resources, Security Components, and IT Specialists work together to protect the entity’s assets.

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