TRG leads complex data analysis and metrics management efforts, including contract and program performance metrics development and standardized reports development. TRG uses database experience across federal agencies to extrapolate information necessary to support each client’s mission.

TRG Consultants provides robust data management, analytical support, communications, change management, multi-media content marketing development that are innovative, timely, responsive, cost effective, and compliant. TRG provides metrics management support such as performance metrics development, evaluation, and analysis, standardized report development, but also metrics on our own performance analysis. TRG focuses on maintaining the most efficient and effective at its strategic service offerings.

It is TRG’s goal of providing appropriate information at the right place and right time to decision makers. TRG can develop standardized tools and templates to maximize a client’s analytical capabilities to help customers maximize efficiencies. TRG’s analysts become Subject Matter Experts in their field and are trained on a wide array of closed and open sourced databases to seek out the whole picture. They use advanced research techniques to extract identifiers and provide near to “real time” data that is current and accurate.

TRG consultants have proven valuable through their program-critical support from the creation of month status briefs, tracking management data, tracking action items, and documenting meeting minutes, to developing detailed executive level dashboards and presentations. Our team delivers analysis and detailed reports thereof documenting program status, and capturing executive summaries.

Recent Projects