Our management approach minimizes bureaucracy and emphasizes direct communication between our team, Government counterparts, and key stakeholders. TRG exceeds traditional PM best practices, applying Agile iterative and incremental principles to program and project management. Our certified Project Management Professionals (PMP®), PMI Agile Certified Practitioners (PMI-ACP)®, and Certified Scrum Masters (SCM) manage requirements planning, development, and fielding across agencies, procurements, and programs.

TRG understands that Agile principles, derived from Agile software development, can be applied to Program Management with great success. The key to applying these principles is combining the iterative and evolutionary methodologies and requirements prioritization while maintaining a clear understanding of the traditional federal program management methodologies. The two philosophies are not at odds, but rather, they can complement and support one another, which is necessary in programs of any size, scope, and complexity.

The benefits of Agile have long been realized by commercial industry. Through the implementation of a programmatic approach that emphasizes responsiveness to requirement changes, Agile Project Management has codified a construct that mitigates the risks associated with rapidly evolving environments. Additionally, through smaller, iterative capability deliveries and routine demonstrations, Program Managers and Clients are able to more closely work together in order to progressively refine requirements, thereby improving cost, schedule and quality.

TRG’s cadre of Agile Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) have proven how their evolutionary and iterative approach to Project Management can provide value to the user up to 85% faster than conventional processes, with up to 65% cost savings. However, there is no “One Size Fits All” Agile solution. Each programmatic environment must be evaluated to determine if the organizational culture is conducive to Agile implementation and to assist in identifying the manner in which the Agile principles can be implemented. TRG is ready to foster the implementation of Agile Principles in your project.

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