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Adrian Andor manages TRG’s Records Management contract with DOJ. Mr. Andor improves transparency with the client to help them achieve mission objectives. Before his current role as Project Manager, Mr. Andor served as the Senior Counterterrorism Management and Program Analyst with 10+ years serving as a leader in Counterterrorism at the DOJ. He conducted training, analysis, and investigations while directing, coordinating, and managing personnel and projects.

Prior to entering the civilian sector, Mr. Andor severed several years in the US Army as Non-Communications Intercept Analyst, primarily as a Communications Intercept Analyst. Over his career, Mr. Andor has honed his leadership skills positions. Mr. Andor is an avid fisherman who enjoys spending time outdoors and with his family. Staying true to his roots, Mr. Andor will always be a die-hard New York Yankees fan.