April 6, 2016 – The General Services Administration (GSA) hosted its second annual Retail Operations Industry Day event. Supporting the fourth party logistics (4PL) program mission to provide best-in-class customer buying experience, Industry partners (both current and potential) came together with program leaders to discuss, 4PL operations, program enhancements, and growth opportunities.

TRG’s GSA Retail Operations team facilitated the 3-day event assisting with panel discussions. Additionally, David S. Baker, TRG President, and Ben Polzak, TRG Vice President presented perspectives on the current DoD budget and budget process, enabling vendors to better understand the constraints the military faces when making purchasing decisions. Mr. Baker discussed DoD decision makers and operations being asked to do more with less, and the positive effect programs such as GSA 4PL IMG_6473operations can have for the DoD. For example, 4PL facilitates better collaboration between DoD customers and vendors to meet our Military’s readiness and affordability goals.

“Buy it, build it, borrow it, the DoD no longer has to do everything organically in house. Bringing innovation through 4PL program.”

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